Empowered Minds is dedicated to teaching yoga and mindfulness and to co-creating learning-ready and courageous classrooms.

We support students’ social and emotional learning skills of resilience, self-worth, kindness and awareness so that they thrive at school, at home and in their communities.


Why yoga and mindfulness in schools?

Since the day that chalk first met blackboard, teachers have been commanding students to "Be quiet! Pay attention! Calm down!”. These are skills that can be taught just like reading, writing and math.

Empowered Minds teaches students specific tools, creative techniques and daily practices to lay the foundation for attentiveness, stability and curiosity upon which all learning rests. In a world where stress, technology and distraction grow ever more pervasive, teaching children these tools is more essential than ever.

Research shows that movement — along with the ability to calm the mind and nervous system — improves cognitive development and overall student performance.