Yoga Snacks

Classroom teachers use our Yoga Snack videos and mindfulness practices with students to ease transitions and to boost energy and concentration throughout the day, and particularly before tests. Several mindfulness and yoga breaks each day produce a calmer and more engaged class, and the practices of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness that we teach help classroom teachers create a kinder and safer learning environment.

Enjoy these videos for you and your students!



Are your students sitting at their desk for too long? Do they have low energy or are they less engaged? Try this energizing standing sequence to "wake up" their brains and be more attentive.




Are your students high energy? Try this standing sequence to help them feel more grounded and focused.



Warriors are strong and masters of both mind and body. Try this standing sequence to create a sense of calm and balance.

Full Body Seated

When we feel whole, our minds feel more organized and ready to take on challenges. Try this chair sequence with your students when they're preparing for a test or learning new material.

Seated Energizer

When your students need more energy, but you don't want them out of their seats, try this chair sequence to get the oxygen flowing.

the heart

Lifting our hearts and stretching energize the body and brain while soothing and calming the nervous system. Try this standing sequence to help your students feel more open, receptive and ready to learn.


Still hungry? We have more snacks for you!

Mountain Pose Warrior I, Warrior II, Warrior III, Balloon, Breath

Star Pose, Folding Star Pose, Twisting Star, Rock 'n Freeze, Star Ball, Breath

Cross Overs, Letter Writing, Rag Doll, Eagle Pose, Snake, Breath

Chair Pose, Twisting Chair Pose, Hugging Chair Pose, King/Queen, Dancer Pose, Bumble Bee, Breath

Mountain Pose, Tall Mountain Pose, Waterfall Pose, Sleeping, Mountain, Candle Flame, Breath

Triangle Pose, Side Angle Pose, Pyramid Pose, Eagle Pose, 5-Count Breath

Wood Chopper, Crescent Pose, Washing Machine, Tree Pose, Elevator, Breath

Seated Cat/Cow, Seated Crescent, Seated Twist, Seated Eagle, Bellows, Breath

Seated Airplane, Camel Pose, Cactus Twist, Clock Eye Exercises, Lion's Breath

Shoulder Shrugs, Elbow Writing, Seated Washing Machine, Follow the Thumb, Ocean Breath

Palm Press, Hook and Pull, Chair Popcorn Nose and Ear Volcano, Breath

Seated Tree Pose, Seated Twisted Tree Pose, Seated Ragdoll, Eye Writing, Three-Part Breath

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