Cultivating Heartful and Mindful Students ... through Yoga.

Our Title 1 schools include many children who’ve grown up in poverty and experienced a wide range of internal and external stresses. Research studies have proven that movement releases stress from children’s nervous systems and prepares their brains for learning. And yet, a dramatic decrease in movement is occurring in our schools today. Empowered Minds yoga program fills that gap while also teaching students to regulate their emotions and improve their focus.


Classroom teachers, who practice alongside their students, are the bridge to bringing the practices into the school day.

We offer a variety of resources to support classroom teachers. These include our Yoga Snack videos, three-to-six-minute movement breaks that teachers and students can use to achieve calm and focus in transitions from intense activities or to "wake up" after sedentary periods of the day.


View our Yoga Snack videos HERE.